Haldor will license its proprietary technology for the four 145 million-cubic-feet-a-day hydrogen units at the complex, beating off competition from the US’ Foster Wheeler and Germany’s Uhde. The award is the third technology success on the refinery for Haldor. In June, it won licensing contracts for the naphtha and kerosene hydrotreater units (MEED 1:7:05).

Shell’s contract sees it licensing its technology for three 62,000-b/d diesel hydrotreater units which will be used to extract hydrogen and sulphur from diesel produced.

In April, the US’ Chevron Corporation was chosen to license its technology for the atmospheric residue desulphurisation (ARDS) unit (MEED 15:4:05).

KNPC released in early July initial prequalification documents for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) packages on the estimated $5,000 million grassroots refinery (MEED 8:7:05).