Muhammad Ali Albakri

Company: Saudi Arabian Airlines
Position: Vice-president for IT, Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia)

Biography: Muhammad Ali Albakri has been vice-president for IT at Saudia for the past 20 years. As a part of this role, Albakri has overseen the implementation of the flag carrier’s IT masterplan, which included an upgrade to its global infrastructure and complete replacement of the business application platform.

Previously, Albakri served as chief of systems engineering and architecture and director of enterprise resource planning and maintenance, repair and operations. He also worked as general manager for applications development.

Albakri is currently working on preparing Saudia to join the Skyteam airline alliance, introducing cloud computing virtualisation solutions and supporting privatisation. Albakri has bachelor and master of science degrees in information sciences from the University of Pittsburgh in the US. He joined Saudia after graduation.

Contact: (+966) 2 686 0000