Mustafa Abdul Jalil

Position: Chairman, National Transitional Council

Biography: Mustafa Abdul Jalil is the chairman of the provisional government’s legislative body, the National Transitional Council. Under Qaddafi, he served as minister of justice. His position in the National Transitional Council is questioned by some due to his prominent role in the Qaddafi regime.

Jalil graduated from the department of sharia law at Libya University’s Arabic Language and Islamic Studies faculty in 1975 and became a judge in 1978. He was appointed justice minister in 2007.

In 2010, he resigned live on national television over the Qaddafi government’s failure to release political prisoners, but his resignation was rejected. At the time, Human Rights Watch praised the way Jalil had “taken a strong stance against arbitrary arrests and prolonged detention without trial.” He defected to the rebels in February, when he was sent to Benghazi to negotiate the release of hostages.