Peak demand in the Main Interconnected System, which covers the governorates of Muscat and Buraimi and most of the South Batinah, Sharqiya, North Batinah and Dhariha regions, is expected to grow from 2,682MW in 2007 to 5,111MW in 2014. This constitutes an increase of 10 per cent a year.

Demand for water is expected to increase from 19.4 billion gallons to 51.9 billion gallons over the same period.

In the Salalah System, which covers the city of Salalah and surrounding areas in the governorate of Dhofar, peak demand is forecast to grow from 251MW in 2007 to 580MW by 2014 or at a rate of 13 per cent a year.

Peak water demand is not forecast to grow beyond the 5.3 billion gallons a year, which will be provided by the planned Salalah independent water and power project (IWPP).

In addition to the 370-430MW, 15 mg/d IWPP at Salalah, a total of 750MW-1000MW of new capacity will be brought online in 2011/12 at Barka or Sohar or both (MEED 28:03:08).

As part of the expansion and redevelopment of the existing Al-Ghubrah power and desalination plant, a new IWPP with capacity of up to 500MW will begin production from 2011/2012.

More IWPP capacity of up to 1,000MW could be required in the period from 2013-2014.