The 5.5-kilometre monorail will run from the base of the island up the spine to the crescent. A series of major stations are planned, at the Palm’s base, the proposed Palm Tower, the village centre and the theme park to be built on the island’s crescent. Two medium-sized stations will be built at the mid-point of the island’s trunk and a small station is planned for the spine. Each train will have capacity for 200 passengers, seated and standing. In addition to building the system, the successful bidder will provide rolling stock and maintain the system for five years.

The US’ Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB), which is the project manager (PM) overseeing overall infrastructure works on the Palm, is also acting as PM for the monorail. The US’ Wilbur Smith & Associatescarried out the preliminary study. Local property developer Nakheelis the client (MEED 22:10:04).