Andrew Pocock has been appointed senior vice-president and London branch manager at Gulf International Bank (GIB). He joined the bank in mid-July and is to take over from Mohammad Farouky who leaves for Bahrain in August where he is to become GIB assistant general manager (MEED 17:6:94). For 18 months before his appointment, Pocock was a self-employed consultant working with the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank in developing countries. For 11 years before that, he was a director at Samuel Montagu, the London merchant bank. During this period, Pocock was involved with public-sector institutions worldwide.

Tom Mulvihill has been appointed general manager of the London branch of Saudi American Bank, the Riyadh-based bank 30 per cent owned by Citibank. He also becomes managing director of Saudi American Bank UK. He replaces Mousa al-Mousa who has returned to work for Saudi American Bank in Saudi Arabia. Mulvihill has worked for 10 years with Saudi American, four of them in the kingdom.