Sources say that the two parties are in the final stages of negotiations over the contract extension. Once it has been signed, a further 22 weeks will be required to complete work on the new law. On completion, the law will be passed to the Majlis al-Shura and state council for comment before being sent to the court of Sultan Qaboos for final approval. The original advisory contract expired in mid 2001.

Publication of the new law will allow the government to start the process of selling off existing power assets. Assets will be unbundled into new companies and then sold off, beginning with three power-generating entities – Ghubrah Power & Desalination Company, Rusayl Power Company and Wadi Jizzi Power Company. This will be followed by the sell-off of the Transmission & Dispatch Company (Transco) and the three regional distribution companies (MEED 23:11:01).