The deadline for the submission of prequalification documents for the design and build contract covering a new western breakwater at Iraq’s Al-Faw port is nearing.

Contractors have until 21 February to submit their papers. The contract covers the construction of the western breakwater on the Al-Faw peninsula facing the Khor Abdullah Channel.

The scope of the works include building a breakwater of 13,800 metres in length and a secondary 1,600 metre-long breakwater. It also includes an extension of an existing breakwater.

The ministry of transport has selected the General Company for Ports of Iraq to oversee the tender procedure.

The project will be financed by the 2013 National Budget of the Republic of Iraq.

In May last year, contractors were invited to bid for the first of a series of construction packages for the $6bn Grand Faw port.  

The first package to be released last year covered the construction of another 8,000-metre-length breakwater, as well as dredging work and building an 80-metre-long floating pier.

Further stages of the port project will include contracts covering a container and bulk terminals.