The successful advisers will map out a privatisation strategy for SWCC, recommending what should be privatised and when. The studies are expected to take 12 months to complete and will be followed by a two-year implementation period. A total of 16 companies were prequalified to submit proposals when requests for proposals (RFPs) were released in April (MEED 22:5:05).

The initiative is the second element in SWCC’s privatisation programme. The first, being implemented with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)through the Water & Electricity Company (WEC)venture, calls for private sector participation in independent water and power projects (IWPPs – MEED 22:4:05).

SWCC accounts for 25 per cent of global desalination capacity, producing 3.4 million cubic metres a day of water through its 30 plants, equivalent to 60 per cent of the kingdom’s requirements.