Qatar Petroleum has increased oil production from 960,000 barrels a day (b/d) to 1 million b/d, providing the country with 270,000 b/d of spare crude capacity.

The Energy Information Administration, a unit of the US’ Department of Energy, says the 4.2 per cent increase in oil production is due to the implementation of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to combat anticipated declines at several of Qatar’s largest oil fields.

The EIA says Denmark’s Maersk Oil will increase production from the Al-Shaheen field from 340,000 b/d now to 500,000 b/d by 2011.

EOR is also being deployed at the Dukhan, Bul Hanine and Maydan Marjam oil fields.

The US statistical body adds that Qatar’s Opec production target was estimated to be 730,000 b/d in mid-2009, giving the state 230,000 b/d of spare capacity.