Qatar’s Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has tendered a contract for the maintenance and rehabilitation of all major and minor roads in the country.

The tender closes on 2 October.

Ashghal has indicated that interested contractors may look at  “technology and innovative processes, equipment and materials that are currently in practice internationally and will bring added benefits” to the project.

The scope cited the potential use of the following technology, equipment and services to help carry out the road maintenance work:

  • Pothole and patch repair products and systems
  • Road repair and refurbishment products including specialist resins, primers, curing and bonding agents
  • Specialist aggregates
  • Hot and cold pour bituminous emulsions
  • Hot and cold surfacing macadam
  • Fast setting mortars including manhole and ironwork bedding mortars
  • Infrared road repair systems
  • Crack repair systems
  • Anti-skid agents
  • Line marking paints and application equipment
  • Manhole cover lifters
  • Asphalt hot boxes and duvets
  • Acoustic panels
  • Crash barriers
  • Air, hydraulic and diesel-powered breaking and digging equipment
  • Compaction equipment including rollers and rammers
  • Diamond cutting and drilling equipment
  • Ground stabilising products
  • Geotextiles
  • Surveying equipment
  • Test equipment including ground testing and material testing
  • Road lighting including works lighting
  • Traffic signs and signalling
  • Recycling equipment and processes
  • Bedding mortars

The complete work is expected to be completed within 730 days while the maintenance period will be for 400 days.

The selected contractor will be required to provide and maintain temporary access and traffic flow to, from and within the areas of works in compliance with the Qatar Traffic Manual.