The regional index slipped into its lowest value during the course of the year on the week ending 20 November. All countries save for Iran and Bahrain registered a negative performance on the index, which hit just under $3.24 trillion.

In numbers

$24bn Value of projects put on hold in Saudi Arabia

22 Number of new projects announced in the UAE

$7.7bn Total value Iran’s projects market gained on the Gulf Projects Index

Saudi Arabia’s market declined the most, with a 2.6 per cent drop over the previous week. The status of $24bn-worth of projects – mostly mixed-use – in the kingdom was changed to on-hold due to absence of any recent developments. These include the Khozam Development in Jeddah, which had an estimated budget of $12.3bn, Al-Shoula’s Riyadh Ajmakan ($5.9bn) and the Al-Diriyah Festival City ($2.7bn), also of Riyadh, and the $2bn The Kaaki Development in Mecca.

Projects planned or under way 20 November 2015 ($m)
  20-Nov-15 12-Nov-15 Change on week (%) 18-Nov-14 Change on year (%)
Bahrain 72,212 72,035 0.2 62,451 15.3
Kuwait 245,871 245,925 0.0 211,335 16.4
Oman 167,778 167,893 -0.1 153,454 9.4
Qatar 277,491 279,875 -0.9 281,144 -0.5
Saudi Arabia 1,010,008 1,036,487 -2.6 1,228,113 -15.6
UAE 851,622 855,403 -0.4 810,302 5.6
GCC 2,624,982 2,657,618 -1.2 2,746,799 -3.2
Iran 258,599 250,899 3.1 224,044 12
Iraq 351,583 371,183 -5.3 411,521 -9.8
Gulf Total 3,235,164 3,279,700 -1.4 3,382,364 -3
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The estimated budget for the Ruwais area development project in Jeddah was also downgraded by $10bn, from an original estimate of about $13.8bn, while the $1.2bn Al-Jubail Polysilicon plant was cancelled.

At $1.01 trillion, the kingdom’s projects market accounted for 38.5 per cent of the GCC total and 31 per cent of the Gulf Projects Index total. It did not help that only four new projects, which together have an estimated budget of $2.3bn, were added into the kingdom’s index during the week.

An upward adjustment to the estimated budgets for the Bushehr nuclear plants (2 and 3) caused a $7.7bn, or 3.1 per cent, uptick to Iran’s projects market index value.

Project updates this week
  Project Name Project Status
Iraq Abi al-Khasib housing complex in Basra Execution
Iraq Swara Tika full-field development New project
Saudi Arabia 380kV King Abdulaziz International airport BSP and UGC Complete
Saudi Arabia Khozam development in Jeddah On hold
Saudi Arabia The Avenues Riyadh New project
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UAE added 22 new projects with a combined budget estimated at $4bn, led by the north district and eastern extension district of the Meydan Horizon project. However, the UAE still shed  0.4 per cent on the index due to $1.8bn of projects being put on hold, $280m being completed, and about $5.3bn-worth of project being affected by downward budget adjustments.

Qatar’s projects market fared worse than the UAE by falling 0.9 per cent. No new projects were added during the week, the planned $1.5bn phase 2 of Oryx’s gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant was put on hold, and $145m-worth of projects were completed.

Upcoming tender deadlines
  Client Contract Submission date
UAE National Real Estate Company Reem Mall 13-Dec
Saudi Arabia Saudi Electricity Company Taiba power plant 30-Dec
Qatar Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy Rayyan stadium 10-Jan
UAE Roads & Transport Authority Route 2020 metro extension 10-Jan
UAE Sharjah Electricity & Water Authority Hamriyah power plant expansion 07-Feb
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Bahrain’s positive performance follows the introduction of four new projects in the industrial, construction and power sectors with a combined estimated budget of $268m.

The best performing week for the index so far came two months earlier on 15 September when the index value climbed to close to $3.47 trillion.