The first-phase package has been tendered twice before in 2003 and 2005. In the most recent tender, the local Al-Muhairy General Contracting Company submitted a low bid of AED 223 million ($61 million). The scope of works includes bridges, underpasses, tunnels and access slip roads to ensure uninterrupted traffic. Construction will also include a new tunnel cutting into the Hajar mountains in the Dhaid vicinity.

A second-phase package was also tendered last year. The local/Cypriot J&P National Wheel was the low bidder with an offer of AED 587 million ($160 million) for the construction of 22 kilometres of road. The original scheme comprised four phases. The consultant is the local Al-Turath Consultants with the US’ Wilbur Smith & Associates (MEED 16:9:05).