Jordan’s recently privatised national airline has 14 of the long-haul aircraft on order, either directly from Boeing or through a lease agreement.

However, following recent announcements by the US manufacturer that delivery of the planes will be pushed back by more than two years, the airline is in discussions with Boeing to arrange a compensation package.

“We are working with Boeing to find a solution, looking at a combination [of replacement planes and financial compensation] to zero out the delay,” says Samer Majali, the airline’s vice-chairman, president and chief executive officer.

“One opportunity is to bring in 777s as a transitional plane. The other is to extend the life of our existing wide-body aircraft for an additional two years.”

Boeing was not available for comment but Majali says no package has yet been put forward by the manufacturer.

The Dreamliner has been the fastest-selling aircraft in history, with 900 orders being placed by about 50 customers.

“Boeing is still studying what it wants to do because you are talking about hundreds of planes ordered in total,” he says. “Our orders were further out, but everybody has been affected.

“It is a global issue and it has to come up with a simple compensation plan that makes sense.”