Saeed Ghumran al-Romaithi

Company:Emirates Steel Industries
Position: Chief executive officer (CEO)

Biography: Saeed Ghumran al-Romaithi was appointed CEO of Emirates Steel in August 2012, becoming the first UAE national to head up the country’s largest steel company. Al-Romaithi, who served as senior vice-president of operations prior to being promoted to CEO, graduated in electrical engineering from California State University in the US.

He worked for Senaat – Emirates Steel’s parent group – before joining Emirates Steel as a production engineer. Al-Romaithi held several senior positions before being promoted to vice-president of primary production.

He replaced Gregor Munstermann, who was appointed CEO of Emirates Steel in 2009. Al-Romaithi is overseeing the third-phase expansion of Emirates Steel’s complex in Mussafah in Abu Dhabi, which will see capacity increase to 1.4 million tonnes a year.

Contact Tel: (+971) 2 551 1187

Updated: 17.12.13