Safwan was expected to win the design, build, operate and maintain contract after submitting the low bid last year, beating competition from two other local contractors (MEED 28:9:07).

The project is aimed at reducing gas flaring, increasing the amount of gas available for industrial use and power generation, and maintaining reservoir stability by reinjecting the gas into oil wells.

The gas compression services part of the deal is for gathering centre 16. It covers the provision of services for tank vapour, and low and high-pressure compression packages to double the facility’s capacity to more than 60 million cubic feet a day (cf/d).

The gas reinjection element involves the installation and operation of gas reinjection facilities at wells MN-129 and MN-140 at the Minagish field. Each compression train will have a predicted flow rate of 15 million cf/d (MEED 1:6:07).

The client is Kuwait Oil Company.