Saudi Arabia has enlisted the help of the World Bank to help produce a national strategy for electricity.

Speaking in Riyadh on 8 February at the Saudi Water & Electricity Forum, Saleh al-Awaji, deputy minister for electricity, Ministry of Electricity & Water, said that the ministry was working with the World Bank to develop a national strategy for the kingdom’s electricity sector.

Al-Awaji said that a top priority of focus for the government was on improving energy efficiency in both the supply and demand sides.

Al-Awaji said that the strategy would assist with efforts to beat the challenge of rapid demand for electricity, caused by a growing population and rising consumption levels.

The deputy minister said from now on, a target level of 50 per cent efficiency for power generation resources would be targeted.

While Al-Awaji acknowledged that oil and natural gas would still be the major component of the kingdom’s power sector in the coming years, he said that the government was committed to “consider all possible options for primary energy sources, including enhancing the use of renewable technology.”

“With the competitive price of renewable energy these days, renewables are a good option. And will offer a good opportunity for the private sector,” said Al-Awaji.