During 2018, Saudi Arabia saw a surge in the value of oil and gas projects completed after the kingdom invested heavily in the sector in the wake of the 2014 oil price crash.

By investing after the crash, Saudi Arabia developed both its upstream and downstream capabilities and took advantage of lower prices from engineering companies and contractors.

In 2018, the total value of oil projects completed was $9.2bn, more than double the figure for the previous year.

The total value of gas projects was $3.7bn, a third more than the $2.8bn completed in 2017.

The 10 biggest projects completed in Saudi Arabia in 2017-18
Project Project sponsor Sector Value ($m)
King Abdulaziz International airport: phase 1: new terminal: package 1 Gaca Transport 4,040
Shuqaiq steam power plant Saudi Electricity Company Power 3,500
Jeddah South thermal power plant Saudi Electricity Company Power 3,200
Divided Zone facilities Khafji Joint Operations Oil 3,150
King Abdulaziz International airport: phase 1: new terminal: package 2 Gaca Transport 3,077
Sharma complex: package 1 Public Investment Fund Construction 2,400
Master gas system expansion: phase 1 Saudi Aramco Gas 2,100
Jizan refinery IGCC power plant: package 3: ASU Jazan Gas Projects Company Power 2,000
Jizan refinery project: CDU/VDI, flare & pipe rack: package 9 Saudi Aramco Oil 1,900
Rabigh 2 IPP Al-Mourjan for Electricity Production Company Power 1,800
ASU=Air separation unit; IGCC=Integrated gasification combined-cycle; IPP=Independent power project. Source: MEED Projects

Despite the surge in energy projects being completed, overall the value of projects completed in 2018, across all sectors, was down compared to the prior year.

Over the year, projects worth $44.7bn were completed, 17 per cent less than in 2017.

The sectors that saw a significant drop in the value of projects completed included water, transport, industrial projects and construction.

Package 1 for the new terminal at Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz International airport had a budget of $4bn, making it the largest project completed over the 2017-18 period.

The project to build a new terminal includes a building with 42 departure gates, aircraft hangars, a control tower, a railway station and maintenance facilities.

The second-biggest project completed during the period was the Shuqaiq steam power plant, which had a budget of $3.5bn.

Located in the Jizan province, the power station has a generation capacity of 2,640MW.

Saudi Electricity Company’s Jeddah South thermal power plant was the third-biggest project completed during the period.

It had a budget of $3.2bn and, like the Shuqaiq project, forms part of a wider expansion drive in Saudi Arabia to address the strain on the kingdom’s utilities from rising demand for electricity.

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