Awards are approaching at Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) for a host of contracts to build new 380-kV and 132-kV substations at various locations throughout the kingdom. Each contract will take 24-30 months.

The local/South Korean Middle East Engineering & Development Company (Meedco) is low bidder at SR 311 million ($83 million) for the largest of the substation projects, covering the construction of a new 380/115-kV bulk supply point (BSP) substation at Khurais and the expansion of the existing 230/115-kV substation at the same location.

The local Al-Toukhi Contracting is low bidder at SR 264 million ($70 million) for a contract to build a new 380/115-kV BSP substation at Al-Dhahiyah, while France’s Areva T&D and Europe’s ABB are low bidders at SR 243 million ($65 million) and SR 190 million ($51 million) respectively to build two new 380/132-kV BSP substations at Al-Kudmi and Abha east.

Germany’s Siemens is low bidder at SR 185 million ($49 million) for the contract to build a new 380/132-kV substation at Rabigh. It is also low bidder for four contracts, totalling more than SR 188 million ($50 million), to build new 110/13.8-kV substations at Bawadi, Al-Rehab, Al-Aziziyah and Rewais 2.

For other smaller substation work, the local SSEM is low bidder at SR 68 million ($18 million) for the Al-Jouf 132-kV substation, the local Al-Mashariq Trading & Contracting is low bidder at SR 58.1 million ($15.5 million) for the Rahimah 115/13.8-kV substation and the local Al-Ojaimi Contracting Company is low bidder at SR 51 million ($13.6 million). Al-Kadi is low bidder at SR 45 million ($12 million) for a contract to build a new 132/13.8-kV substation at Al-Takhasusi.

The local Al-Fanar was recently awarded four contracts, totalling SR 190 million ($51 million), to build four 110/13.8-kV substations at Al-Masoudi, Al-Sharaiah, Al-Misfalah and KM 14. It is in line for two more contracts, totalling SR 89 million ($24 million), to reinforce the Wadi Jalil 380/110/13.8-kV substation and to expand the 110-kV Medina South substation.

Austria’s VA Tech T&D has also been awarded a contract, valued at SR 52.7 million ($14 million), to supply and install a 132/13.8-kV substation at Al-Nahda in the Tobuk area. The contract is likely to be the last won by the VA Tech name after the company’s acquisition by Germany’s Siemens last year in a deal worth in excess of Eur 1,000 million ($1,204 million).