Gulf aviation, December 2019

Dec 2019 MBR

Gulf airlines reach a plateau

Dubai’s giant Al-Maktoum airport steals the show

Infographic: Aviation anticipation

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Russia in the Middle East, November 2019

Russian influence grows in the Middle East

Russia steps into the void

Moscow builds Gulf business

Infographic: Russia’s regional interests

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5G investment, October 2019

Inclusivity must be top priority for telecoms firms

5G to feed Mena region’s need for speed

What 5G in the Middle East means for business

5G means a step change for telecoms network services

Infographic: Caching in on connectivity

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In-country value, September 2019

Sept 2019 MEED Business Review Front Cover

Delivering localised value in the Gulf

Making localised supply chains work

Saudi Arabia champions maritime sufficiency

Interview: National Petroleum Construction Co powers Adnoc’s localisation agenda

Infographic: Localising oil and gas

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China in the Middle East, August 2019

MBR August 2019 cover

China deepens its ties with the region

China maps out its investment in geography

Interview: The factors behind Acwa Power’s Chinese collaborations

Infographic: China makes inroads into the Middle East

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Infrastructure finance, July 2019

MBR July 2019 cover

Playing the long game to finance infrastructure

The infrastructure financing challenge

Infographic: Middle East governments seek external project finance sources

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Construction outlook, June 2019

The next steps for construction

Planning for a year of transition in construction

Infographic: From boom to bust

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Gulf fintech, May 2019

Gulf fintech steps out of the sandbox

Going mainstream with Gulf fintech

Driving digital transformation in banking

Infographic: Fuelling fintech

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Restructuring Gulf oil, April 2019

Gulf oil transformation finds middle ground

Rethinking national oil companies

Smart sensors are oil’s new frontier

Infographic: Oil market moves

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Healthcare, March 2019

Digital disruption reshapes region’s healthcare sector

GCC healthcare sector seeks private investors

Infographic: Middle East patients demand medicine on the move

Vital statistics: Healthcare in numbers infographic

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Trade barriers, February 2019

Policy change needed to smooth logistics growth

The 21st century maritime Silk Road

Infographic: How the region’s logistics sector is performing

Infographic: Overcoming trade barriers

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Future energy, January 2019

Solar and wind power spearhead the future of energy

Growing support for renewables leads to lucrative opportunities

Region inches closer to renewable targets

Infographic: Renewables investment soars amid falling costs

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Government spending, December 2018

Governments lead new era of investment

Recalibrating government spending for economic development

Infographic: Money in the bank

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Life after peak oil, November 2018

Energy industry prepares to tackle life after peak oil

Equipping the oil industry for change

A peak into the future of the oil and gas industry

Infographic: Diverging trajectories

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Infographic: The water equation

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Making PPP work in the region, September 2018

Finding a regional model for PPP

A path forward for the region’s PPPs

Infographic: PPP pioneers

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Economic reform, August 2018

GCC reform shifts from fiscal to structural approach

Riyadh balances economic reform and growth

Infographic: Fiscal adjustment moves ahead in stops and starts

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Power privatisation, July 2018

Private investors sought to meet energy demand

Move towards renewables spurs changes in market

Infographic: Delivering the goods

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Oil investment, June 2018

Ushering in a new oil era

Wider Gulf region experiences an upstream revival

Restructuring the region’s oil giants

Infographic: Oil futures

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Capital markets, May 2018

Tadawul upgrade stirs change in Gulf

Middle East debt markets remain vibrant

Capital markets infographic: Running with the bulls

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Nuclear power, March 2018

Power game: the region’s nuclear energy ambitions

Turning to nuclear energy

Infographic: Taking the nuclear option

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Enhanced oil recovery, February 2018

Optimising value from oil assets with tertiary recovery

Enhanced oil recovery comes of age through big data

Infographic: Enhancing production

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Abu Dhabi investment, January 2018

Abu Dhabi goes to market

Waha Capital diversifies its investments

Adnoc eyes diversified growth

Infographic: Abu Dhabi emerges as a regional centre for investment

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Saudi Arabia’s transformation, December 2017

End of the line for Saudi Arabia’s Masters of the Universe

Riyadh asserts its authority

New Saudi Arabian giant emerges

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The end of cash, November 2017

Connected and cashless

Banks embrace fintech disruption

A visual key to financial disruption in the region

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Against the flow, October 2017

Why the region is still investing in oil and gas

Libya: Africa’s unpredictable oil producer

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Privatising Gulf oil, September 2017

Oiling the wheels of the economy

Going public is a journey

Aramco at a glance

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Bracing for VAT, August 2017

Stepping into the unknown

Prepare for the taxman

Boosting revenues

A visual key to VAT

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Cyber security, July 2017

Cyber crime is one of the greatest threats to Middle East stability

Building strong cyber defences

Fighting the cyber thieves

A visual key to the threat faced by the region

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Food security, June 2017

A farming revolution

Safeguarding food imports

Farms of the future are here

A visual key to food security

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Privatisation, May 2017

Privatisation comes of age

Following Riyadh’s lead

Governments warm to PPP

Saudi Arabia privatisation

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Investing in regional tourism, April 2017

Region zones in on entertainment

Iran’s long-neglected hotels sector seeks investment

Next generation travel trends

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