July 2018: Power privatisation

power plant

Private investors sought to meet energy demand

  • The cutting of electricity subsidies and a move towards renewable energy are at the heart of the changes taking place in the Gulf’s power sector

Move towards renewables spurs changes in market

  • Rajit Nanda, chief investment officer at Acwa Power, on the key trends and challenges in the private developer market for utilities

Infographic: Delivering the goods

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June 2018: Oil investment

Ushering in a new oil era

  • How a robust outlook for global oil demand is triggering exploration and production in the region

Wider Gulf region experiences an upstream revival

  • Oil and gas industry abounds with ongoing and future projects worth billions of dollars

Restructuring the region’s oil giants

  • State oil firms must overhaul their management structure and corporate governance to compete on the global stage, say Oliver Wyman’s Volker Weber and Saji Sam

Infographic: Oil futures

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May 2018: Capital markets

Tadawul upgrade stirs change in Gulf

  • The decision by index provider FTSE Russell to include Saudi Arabia in its emerging markets index could have a wide-ranging impact on the region

Middle East debt markets remain vibrant

  • Governments issued a record amount of bonds and sukuk last year, and 2018 likewise looks to be active for the region’s debt capital markets

Capital markets infographic: Running with the bulls

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April 2018: Smart transport

Outsmarting the region’s traffic troubles

  • As Dubai has shown, smart transport infrastructure not only requires new laws, but also substantial technology investments

Reshaping how we get around

  • Arup’s Joerg Tonndorf and John McCarthy explain how technology and smart transportation are changing the way we travel

Transport infographic: Getting smarter

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March 2018: Nuclear power

Power game: the region’s nuclear energy ambitions

  • A number of the region’s largest utilities providers are planning to develop nuclear power as part of energy diversification plans

Turning to nuclear energy

  • Nuclear power has an important role to play in ensuring a low-carbon energy future that provides reliable electricity supplies, says Agneta Rising of the World Nuclear Association
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February 2018: Enhanced oil recovery

Optimising value from oil assets with tertiary recovery

  • Enhanced oil recovery represents the leading front for oil extraction capacity expansion in the Gulf

Enhanced oil recovery comes of age through big data

  • Andrew Dennant of Emerson Automation Solutions on why digitalisation and intelligent fields are necessary to optimise returns
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January 2018: Abu Dhabi investment

Abu Dhabi goes to market

  • The privatisation of state assets will create exciting opportunities for investors, and is key to Abu Dhabi’s transformation plans

Waha Capital diversifies its investments

  • Abu Dhabi is emerging as an investment hub as the level of international capital flowing into the region continues to rise

Adnoc eyes diversified growth

  • Abu Dhabi’s oil giant lays down its strategy to strengthen its value chain and boost its business
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December 2017: Saudi Arabia’s transformation

End of the line for Saudi Arabia’s Masters of the Universe

  • The detention of Saudi princes and prominent business people has rewritten the rules for foreign investors in the Middle East’s largest economy

Riyadh asserts its authority

  • Saudi Arabia is becoming an increasingly assertive regional presence, but the consequences of its actions raise questions about its foreign policy objectives

New Saudi Arabian giant emerges

  • Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is set to become one of the world’s most important economic actors
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November 2017: The end of cash

Connected and cashless

  • The digital transformation reshaping the region’s financial sector

Banks embrace fintech disruption

  • While GCC banks are open to integrating new financial technologies, they need to work in collaboration with fintech firms to reap the benefits

A visual key to financial disruption in the region

  • Innovative financial technology (fintech) companies are forcing regional banks to rethink the way they do business
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October 2017: Against the flow

Oil field

GCC keeps its eye on the prize

  • Why the region continues to spend on oil and gas despite the global downturn in energy investment

Africa’s unpredictable oil producer

  • Ever since the uprising in 2011, Libya’’s oil output has been a thorn in the side of oil analysts and forecasters
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September 2017: Privatising Gulf oil

Oiling the wheels of the economy

  • The privatisation of state oil companies shows the desire to reform outdated economic models is genuine

Going public is a journey

  • An initial public offering is not just about choosing the right exchange or arriving at a good valuation, says Ossama Kayed, head of capital markets at KPMG in the Lower Gulf

Aramco at a glance

  • A visual key to the world’s biggest company
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August 2017: Bracing for VAT

Stepping into the unknown

  • Everyone understands that VAT is coming in the GCC, but more clarity is needed on how

Prepare for the taxman

  • A well-planned and executed VAT implementation will result in benefits for business, says Jeanine Daou, Middle East partner and indirect tax leader at PwC

Boosting revenues

  • A visual key to VAT
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July 2017: Cyber security

Cyber crime is one of the greatest threats to Middle East stability

  • Analysts say the region’’s defences are patchy

Building strong cyber defences

  • With cyber attacks infecting computers with the speed and reach of a medical pandemic, firms must take steps to protect themselves

Fighting the cyber thieves

  • Improved regulations are helping UAE banks deal with the increasing wave of cyber attacks, says Sagheer Mufti, chief operations officer of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Targeting the region

  • A visual key to the threat faced by the region
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June 2017: Food security

A farming revolution

  • The development of a private sector-led agri-industry using new farming technologies such as hydroponics offers a valuable opportunity for the region

Safeguarding food imports

  • The Gulf’’s strategy of making large-scale agro investments in food-insecure countries does not seem to be working

Farms of the future are here

  • Sky Kurtz of UAE-based Pure Harvest talks to MEED about climate-controlled agriculture focused on the cultivation of fresh produce in the Gulf

Feeding a region

  • A visual key to food security
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May 2017: Privatisation

Privatisation comes of age

  • Fiscal pressure has convinced governments to get going on privatising state assets

Following Riyadh’s lead

  • Saudi Arabia is not the only Gulf oil exporter facing economic difficulties. Its neighbours may follow its lead and privatise their assets

Governments warm to PPP

  • An increasing number of GCC government departments are becoming more acquainted with the benefits of PPP

Saudi Arabia privatisation

  • A visual key to the kingdom’s privatisation goals
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April 2017: Military objectives

Defence deals test US alliance

  • A thin line separates economic and military objectives in the UAE’’s recent defence deals with Russia
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