Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa

Position: Finance Minister

Biography: As part of his far-reaching remit, Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa is in charge of oil and gas affairs for Bahrain, as well as being finance minister. He is responsible for fully utilising Bahrain’s modest hydrocarbons production, as well as securing energy from overseas, primarily liquefied natural gas, to help fuel Manama’s industrialisation plans.

His previous roles include serving as head of operations for the Bahrain stock exchange and as deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Bahrain. As a member of the country’s ruling family, Sheikh Ahmed holds several senior positions across the local business community.

He is also a board member for the Washington-based World Bank and the IMF, and the Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development. Sheikh Ahmed has a master’s degree in business administration from St Edward’s University in the US.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 753 0399