Switzerland-based MECI Group has signed an agreement with Iran to build a 270MW wind farm in the north of the Middle East country, according to a media report.

Turbine testing is already happening on site for the $839m project, Bloomberg reported MECI Chairman Jeremiah Josey saying in an interview.

MECI signed a five-year power purchase agreement with Iran’s energy ministry with a fixed feed-in tariff, added Josey, who expects the contract to be extended in future.

The Swiss group also agreed to build a 100MW combined heat and power plant that will burn natural gas, according to the report. MECI has a target to install 1GW of clean power in Iran.

Earlier this week Germany’s Siemens shipped its first gas turbine to Iran as part of a contract with Iranian power company Mapna Group.

The deals are among a pick-up of agreements signed between Iran and international companies following the lifting of nuclear-related sanctions in January 2016.