Contractors have an extra month to submit bids for the construction of a new tramway in Mostaganem in West Algeria.

The Algiers Metro Company has extended the deadline from 25 March to 25 April.

The Mostaganem tram is part of a wider $6bn government investment in tramways across Algeria. The feasibility study for the Mostaganem tram was tendered in 2011.

Algeria opened its first tramway in the capital city of Algiers in May 2011. Two sections of this tramway have now opened. Further trams are under construction in Constantine and Oran, with the Oran tramway due to open in March this year.

A tramway for the city of Ouaragla in Southern Algeria has been tendered as two separate packages, one covering infrastructure and building works and the other covering systems. Bids were due in on 10 February.

A further construction contract for a tram in Sidi Bel Abbes in the northwest of Algeria has also been tendered this year. Bids were due in on 17 February.

There are also plans to build trams in Batna, Annaba, Setif, Beja a, Biskrea, Skikda, Tebessa, Blida and Djelfa.