Algeria’s L’Enterprise des Ciments et Divives d’Ech-Cheliff (ECDE) has released an invitation to bid (ITB) for an aggregates generating station to be located at the Oued Industrial Zone.

When completed the facility will produce around 1 million tonnes-a-year of aggregates and crushed sand that will be used for the manufacture of hydraulic concrete.

The scale of the plant means that the tender is being offered to international companies, in contrast to smaller projects in Algeria where only local companies are typically allowed to bid. 

The scope of work for the facility includes the design, supply, installation, supervision and commissioning of the generating station. The deadline for bids is 12 October 2010.

Hydraulic concrete is waterproof and expands when it dries, making it a suitable building material for projects that are open to extreme elements such as seawater.