Teofilo Serrano Beltran

Company: Renfe Operadora
Position: President

Biography: Civil engineer Teofilo Serrano Beltran took up the position as chairman of Spain’s national railway operator Renfe in May 2009. Previously, he was managing director of the public infrastructure management body and managing director of railways within the regional government of Andalucia.

He has also served as counsellor for labour and immigration at the Spanish embassy in the UK. Other roles he has held include managing director of urban transport in Seville, director of the technical cabinet of the Labour and Social Security Ministry, Secretary of State for Public Administration and managing director of Spain’s National Geographic Institute.

In 1991, he was elected senator by the Spanish Socialist Party for the regional government of Madrid. Renfe is also part of the Al-Shoula consortium and is responsible for the commercial operation of the Haramain railway.

Contact Tel: (+34) 9 130 06600
Company website: www.renfe.com