Thomas Watts

Company: Crescent Petroleum
Position: Projects manager

Biography: Thomas Watts is projects manager at the UAE’s Crescent Petroleum. Watts joined the Sharjah-based Crescent Petroleum in 1989 and was initially responsible for the company’s offshore gas processing platform and pipeline.

He later developed Sharjah’s Gas Supply Project with National Iranian Oil Company, although the scheme continues to face delays. Watts has been central to securing contracts for two natural gas fields, Khor Mor and Chemchemal with the Kurdistan Regional Government.

He has also overseen the construction of surface facilities to supply natural gas as feedstock for the region’s power stations. The company completed the construction of a gas processing plant at Khor Mor in January 2011. Watts is currently responsible for the appraisal of the fields and further projects in northern Iraq. He graduated in 1979  from the UK’s Birmingham University with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Contact Tel: (+971) 6 556 9444