Truls Gautesen

Company: Qatalum
Position: Former CEO

Biography: From 2005 to 2009, Truls Gautesen was CEO of Qatalum and during his period in office he oversaw the construction of the greenfield aluminium smelter at Mesaieed.

In October 2009 Gautesen was replaced by Jan Arve Haugan at the helm of Qatalum, and Gautesen assumed Haugan’s role as head of the global smelters in Hydro’s primary metals business.

Gautesen graduated with an engin-eering degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1972.

Before joining Hydro in 1980, Gautesen worked at Aluminium Bahrain – the first aluminium smelter to be built in the Gulf region. He also worked at the Lista smelter in Norway, which is owned by Alcoa of the US.

Contact: (+47) 22 53 81 00
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