Ministry of Agriculture & Water Resources

Minister of Agriculture: Mohamed ben Salem

Ministry of Communication Technology

Minister of Information Technology & Communications: Mongi Marzouk

Ministry of Development & International Cooperation

Minister of Investment & International Cooperation: Riadh Bettaieb

Ministry of Education

Minister of Education: Abdellatif Abid

Ministry of Finance

Minister of Finance: Houcine Dimassi

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Rafik Abdessalem

Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research

Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research: Moncef Ben Salem

Ministry of Justice & Human Rights

Minister of Justice: Noureddine Bhiri

Minister of Human Rights & Government Spokesman: Samir Dilou

Ministry of Industry, Energy & Small- & Medium-Size Enterprises

Minister of Industry & Trade: Mohamed Amine Chakhari

Ministry of Public Health

Minister of Public Health: Abdellatif Mekki

Ministry of Religious Affairs

Minister of Religious Affairs: Nourredine Khadmi

Ministry of Tourism

Minister of Tourism: Illyes Fakhfakh

Central Bank of Tunisia

Governor, Central Bank: Mustapha Kamel Nabli

Ministry of Youth, Sport & Physical Education

Minister of Youth & Sports: Tarik Diab

Ministry of Culture

Minister of Culture: Mehdi Mabrouk

Ministry of Environment

Minister of Environment: Mamiya El-Banna

Ministry of Equipment & Housing

Minister of Equipment & Housing: Mohamed Salmane

Ministry of Labour & Professional Training

Minister of Labour & Professional Training: Abdelwahab Maatar

Ministry of National Defence

Minister of National Defence: Abdelkarim Zbidi

Ministry of Regional Development & Planning

Minister of Regional Development & Planning: Jameleddine Gharbi

Ministry of Social Affairs

Minister of Social Affairs: Khalil Zaouia

Ministry of State Property & Real Estate

Minister of State Property & Real Estate: Slim Ben Hmidane

Ministry of Transport

Minister of Transport: Karim Harouni

Ministry of Women’s Affairs & the Family

Minister of Women’s Affairs & the Family: Silhem Badi

Ministry for Administrative Reform

Minister Delegate for Administrative Reform: Mohamed Abbou

Ministry for Economic Issues

Minister Delegate for Economic Issues: Ridha Saadi

Ministry of Governance & Combating Curruption

Minister Delegate for Governance & Combating Curruption: Abderahmane Ladgham

Ministry for Relations with the Constituent Assembly

Minister Delegate for Constituent Assembly: Aderrazak Kilani

  • President of Constituent Assembly: Mustapha Ben Jafar
  • Ambassador to the US: Mohamed Salah Tekaya
  • Permanent Representative to the UN, New York: Ghazi Jomaa