Three international companies have rebid for the contract to build a light rapid transport system in Bursa. The project has been subject to uncertainty since the local elections in March (MEED 13:5:94).

Three consortia submitted best final offers for the work. The low bidder was a grouping of the local Guris, Italy’s Ansaldo Transport and Breda Costruzione, and France’s Sofretu, which bid a total of $252.99 million.

Germany’s Siemens with Simko, Bayindir and Yuksel, all local, bid a total $261.4 million. A third grouping, of Germany’s AEG and the local Sezai Turkes-Feyzi Akkaya (ST-FA), made a revised offer totalling $300.98 million.

Technical and financial assessment is now under way. The consultant is Optim Obermeyer Rail Consult.