A venture of the UK’s Balfour Beatty and Purac with the local Metis has submitted a low bid of $64.3 million for the construction of a drinking water supply system for the city of Eskisehir. The client is the Eskisehir Water & Sewerage Administration.

The four bids from ventures of local with foreign partners were:

Balfour Beatty and Purac with Metis – $64.3 million

Germany’s Preussag Noell with Limak – $69.6 million

Germany’s Wabag with Tepe – $72.1 million

the UK’s Biwater with Guris – $77.1 million.

The project calls for the laying of a 50-kilometre pipeline alongside the Kalamak stream, the construction of a bottling facility, and rehabilitation of the city’s existing drinking water supply network.