Two Shia activists in Bahrain have died in jail in Bahrain and 86 people have had legal procedures launched against them as a crackdown on anti-government protests in the country continues.

The Interior Ministry has confirmed the deaths of Ali Issa Saqer, 31, and Zakariya Rashid Hassan, 40.

Saqer died from injuries sustained while resisting attempts by the security forces to restrain him, while Hassan was found dead in his cell, which was attributed to sickle cell anaemia.

The Interior Ministry also announced on 11 April that 86 people had been released after legal proceedings against them commenced under the emergency law that was imposed on 15 March.

Human rights activist Nabeel Rajab has also been referred to the military prosecutor, accused of fabricating a photo of Saqer, who Rajab claims was beaten while in custody.