UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum has approved Ministry of Infrastructure Development project worth worth a total of $2bn.

The projects were approved during a visit to the UAE’s East Coast on 1 March, They include the building of:

  • new residential complexes,
  • roads,
  • schools,
  • health centres,
  • housing aid and
  • government buildings.

The federal government has allocated:

  • $1.36bn until 2021 for housing for about 42,000 people, with an
  • additional $410m allocated for road projects and other infrastructure.

On the trip, Sheikh Mohammed also stressed the importance of education and housing, stating “Housing is an essential service, and is every citizen’s right, and a priority for the government. We do not accept any delay”.

Regarding education, the Sheikh underlined the importance of “balancing standards in all regions of the country”, and achieving development comprehensively.