Iraq’s Al-Mustakbal al-Saeed has selected UAE-based water company Metito to design and construct the Hindiyah water treatment plant in Iraq. The contract is worth ID33bn ($23m).

Al-Mustakbal al-Saeed is the contractor selected by the Ministry of Municipalities & Public Works for the work. Metito will act as designer and subcontractor on the project, while Al-Mustakbal al-Saeed will perform the civil works and installation.

The Hindiyah plant is located just east of the city of Karbala, with a capacity of 48,000 cubic metres a day (cm/d) and will deliver water to several locations in the city that currently suffer from a lack of clean water.

The Hindiyah contract follows several other agreements between Metito and Al-Mustakbal al-Saeed including the Al-Khayrat water treatment project, a 96,000 cm/d capacity plant costing ID61bn, which delivers potable water to the Al-Khayrat and Jadwal Gharbi areas.

The companies also developed the Amara water treatment plant, which has a capacity of 384,000 cm/d, in partnership. The Amara project consists of three main booster stations, pipelines and elevated steel tanks that supply potable water to the whole city of Amara.