The draft budget released by the US has called for $1.45bn in military aid to Egypt with no restrictions based on human rights or democratisation.

According to the draft bill, which was released on 22 June, funds can be made to Egypt as long as it is “sustaining the strategic relationship” and meeting its obligations under the 1979 Camp David peace treaty.

Last year the US decided to channel funding towards equipment in four categories: counterterrorism, border security, maritime security and Sinai security.

The draft budget also provides up to $150m in economic support funds, to be directed to democracy programmes and support development and security in the Sinai, although these fund cannot go into Egypt’s general budget.

The US has not imposed any restrictions dependent on the upholding of human rights standards.

Military aid to Egypt was suspended in 2013 following the overthrowing of the Muslim Brotherhood, but more recently rights groups have criticised the US for supporting the current government despite rights groups accusing the government of jailing thousands of Islamist and liberal activists with judicial procedures heavily critisised.