National Bank of Kuwait ‘The bank has a broad and experienced senior management team supported by a strong cadre of professionals and has a clear idea of strategy and the areas where the bank enjoys a competitive advantage.’ Financial strength: C+ Long/short term deposits: Baal/Prime-2

National Bank of Abu Dbabi has ‘a strong local franchise, a more than adequate capital base, good deposit-gathering capabilities and currently adopts a cautious credit stance.’ Financial strength: D+ Long/short term deposits: Baal/Prime-2

MashreqBank ‘enjoys acceptable levels of capital, liquidity and profitability. However, the bank is aggressively managed in a small and competitive market. Published accounts give no detail of provisions in place nor the extent of the relationship with and exposure to the controlling family shareholder.’ Financial strength: D Long/short-term deposits: Ba 1/Not Prime Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait ‘has a good regional franchise… The bank’s history (of non-performing loans), coupled with difficult and competitive environments in its main geographic areas of operation, preclude a higher bank financial strength rating than D at this time.’ Financial strength: D Long/short-term deposits: Ba2/Not Prime

Oman International Bank ‘is competently managed by a motivated and innovative team, but its management structure will have to be modified as business volumes grow.’ Financial strength: D+ Long/short-term deposits: Baa3/Prime-3 Commercial Bank of Qatar ‘has been consistently profitable and has demonstrated its ability to enhance liquidity in response to potential tightenings in the domestic market.’ Financial strength: D+ Long/short-term deposits: Ba2/Not Prime

Source: Moody’s Investors Services

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