Three contract awards are imminent and bids are due on a fourth for World Bank-funded projects in the West Bank. All four come under the emergency water project.

The Palestinian Water Authority is expected to award a $4 million contract to equip East Herodian well number two (EH2) in early October. Five companies have submitted bids to build a pumping station for the existing 1.7 million-cubic-metre well and install a submersible pump, two boosters and a 1,500-cubic-metre balance tank (MEED 2:9:05). The contract to rehabilitate the Kharas network is expected to be awarded at the end of September. Eleven contractors, all local, have submitted bids for the project in the village. The contract involves the installation of 22 kilometres of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe and the supply of 13 kilometres of connecting pipe, including HDPE, galvanised and steel pipes and fittings.

The contract to build the 1,000-cubic-metre reservoir at Kharas is also due to be awarded imminently.

Bids are due on 4 October to supply and install a distribution system at nearby Nuba. The scope of works includes the installation of 17 kilometres of HDPE pipe and 17 kilometres of connecting pipe and fittings. Water from EH2 will be pumped to Halhul reservoir and distributed to Kharas and the village of Nuba through a transmission line being built by the local Arab Brothers Company.