Ziad Baroud

Position: Interior & Municipalities Minister

Biography: The young lawyer and human rights activist Ziad Baroud is one of Lebanon’s most dynamic politicians.

He is a Maronite Christian who has pursued a strongly non-sectarian agenda since taking office in 2008.

Awarded Young Global Leader of 2007 at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, Baroud is a prominent supporter of political reform in Lebanon. His main goal has been to oversee electoral reform in the country, and the successful June 2009 parliamentary ballot is testament to his success to date. But he wants to go further in reducing the sectarian character of life in Lebanon. In February 2009, Baroud authorised his department to grant any request from members of the public to have their religious beliefs removed from official files.

Baroud has managed to give momentum to his reformist agenda, so there are likely to be further policy changes from the Interior Ministry in 2010.

Contact:(+ 961) 1 425250