Abdul Hafiz Ghoga

Position: Vice-chairman and spokesman, National Transitional Council

Biography: Abdul Hafiz Ghoga is the vice chairman and spokesperson of the National Transitional Council. Prior to his involvement in the rebel movement, Ghoga worked as a human rights lawyer and community organiser. He represented the families of inmates killed in the 1996 massacre at the Abu Salim prison in Tripoli, in which some 1,200 prisoners were butchered, according to Human Rights Watch.

A former president of the Libyan Bar Association, he was arrested in February shortly after the anti-government protests began, but was released a few days later. Before joining the National Transitional Council, he declared himself spokesman of a rival interim council.

In March, he claimed Qaddafi had killed more than 8,000 people opposed to his rule. Ghoga is a strong proponent of a unified country, rejecting the idea of secession from Qaddafi-controlled Libya.

Contact: info@ntclibya.org
Website: www.ntclibya.com