Adel el-Labban

Company: Ahli United Bank
Position: Group CEO

Biography: Adel el-Labban has been a director at Ahli United Bank since 2000. Although the bank was hit by the defaults of two Saudi conglomerates in 2008 and put aside more than $100m in provisions as a result, El-Labban has been keen to ensure it takes a conservative stance on these issues.

Ahli, the largest bank in Bahrain by market value, recently reported an 11 per cent rise in profits for the third quarter of the year. It was formed following the merger of Bahrain’s Al-Ahli Commercial Bank and Kuwait’s United Bank of Kuwait in 2000.

It also has a presence in the UK, Egypt, Libya, Oman and Qatar, and employs more than 3,200 people. In the past, El-Labban has held senior roles with Arab Banking Corporation, Commercial International Bank of Egypt, the US’ Morgan Stanley, and United Bank of Kuwait. He has an undergraduate and a master’s degree in economics from the American University in Cairo.

Contact tel: (+973) 1 758 5858