Adly Mansour

Position: Interim president of Egypt

Biography: Adly Mansour is the president of Egypt’s interim government after the ousting of former president Mohamed Mursi.  He was sworn into power on 4 July 2013 in front of the constitutional court.

He was head of Egypt’s supreme constitutional court, a role he was appointed to by the former president in May 2013. Previously he held the role of deputy head of the constitutional court since 1992.

He is now overseeing the transition phase to a new elected government and has called for parliamentary elections to take place in early 2014.  

His transitional roadmap for Egypt includes plans to create a panel within the first 15 days following the ousting of Mursi to review the constitution. He then plans to put constitutional amendments to a referendum within four months of the end of Mursi’s regime.

He will also oversee presidential elections once a new parliament has been formed.

He studied law at Cairo University and graduated in 1967. He completed a postgraduate degree in Law in 1969 and a postgraduate degree in management science in 1970. He graduated from France’s Ecole nationale d’administration in 1977.

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