Value: $1.5bn


Khaleeji Commercial Bank

Ozan Beniloglu, head of investments

Tel: (+973) 1 750 5050



Raad Saleh, project manager

Tel: (+974) 4 407 9000

In October 2012, Bahrain’s Khaleeji Commercial Bank announced its Al-Jawhara City project. The 260,000-square-metre mixed-use freehold development in Lusail will house 10,000 residents and will be centred around the Al-Jawhara City Hospital, a 35,000-sq-m medical centre. Onsite development started in March 2012, and the $25m infrastructure work on 26 plots should be completed by July 2013.

At the project launch, Khaleeji Commercial Bank’s head of investments, Ozan Beniloglu, said that two healthcare providers, one from India and another from Europe, had already approached the project owner about running the hospital.

Education providers offering US and British curriculums have also approached the lender about running Al-Jawhara’s 2,000-pupil school. The city will also have a 146-room, four-star hotel.

Key dates

March 2012

Onsite work begins

October 2012

Project officially launched

July 2013

Infrastructure wokrs due for completion

October 2018

Project due for completion

Sources: MEED Projects; MEED