Ali Abdussalam Tarhouni

Position: Finance minister

Biography: Ali Abdussalam Tarhouni has been appointed to Libya’s National Transitional Council as finance minister. He left his senior lecturer’s position in the US at the University of Washington’s Michael G Foster School of Business, where he had been teaching since 1985, to assume the role, following more than 35 years in exile.

Tarhouni started studying economics at the University of Libya, but fled the country after being expelled from the university for participating in a student movement calling for democracy and greater freedoms. He was stripped of his citizenship, sentenced to death in absentia and put on a government hit list in 1981.

After immigrating to the US, Tarhouni earned a master’s degree and a doctorate from Michigan State University. Tarhouni’s appointment to the National Transitional Council was made to enhance its standing among Western powers and he has acted as a spokesman for the rebel movement.