Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa

Position: Finance minister

Biography: As part of his far-reaching remit, Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed al-Khalifa is in charge of oil and gas affairs for Bahrain, as well as being finance minister. He is responsible for fully utilising Bahrain’s modest hydrocarbons production, as well as securing energy from overseas, primarily liquefied natural gas, to help fuel Manama’s industrialisation plans. His previous roles include serving as head of operations for the Bahrain stock exchange and as deputy chairman of the Central Bank of Bahrain. As a member of the country’s ruling family, Sheikh Ahmed holds several senior positions across the local business community. He is also a board member for the Washington-based World Bank and the IMF, and the Kuwait-based Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development. Sheikh Ahmed has a master’s degree in business administration from St Edward’s University in the US.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 753 0399

Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Khalifa

Position: Chief executive officer (CEO), Noga Holding

Biography: As head of the National Oil & Gas Authority’s (Noga’s) holding company, Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Khalifa is charged with running Bahrain’s oil and gas operations. These include domestic production and imports. A technocrat, Sheikh Mohammed studied electronics at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in Saudi Arabia before completing a master’s degree from Imperial College London. After his studies, he joined Bahrain’s Finance Ministry and was appointed director of government shareholdings in 2005. Sheikh Mohammed also worked as director of technical services before joining Noga in 2009. He became the firm’s CEO in 2011. Sheikh Mohammed serves as a board member for several high-profile companies including Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) and Aluminium Bahrain.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 731 2644

Abdel Khalil Almoayyed

Position: Chairman, Bapco

Biography: A stalwart of Bahrain’s oil industry, Abdel Khalil Almoayyed has been working in the sector since the 1970s. In his current role, he will be overseeing what will arguably be the country’s largest ever project, when the Bapco refinery at Sitra undergoes its proposed $9bn-plus refurbishment and expansion. Almoayyed has worked in several sectors and started his career in upstream operations. He undertook secondments to the US’ Chevron, which included being stationed in the US. Prior to being appointed to his current position, Almoayyed was deputy CEO and board member of the US/UAE/local Tatweer Petroleum. His role included planning, strategy implementation and development activities for the company. As well as carrying out his duties for Bapco, Almoayyed serves on several boards including Bahrain Aviation Company. He has a degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa in the US.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 770 4040

Edward Hanley

Position: CEO and president, Tatweer Petroleum/Occidental Petroleum Bahrain

Biography: Edward Hanley has been working for the US’ Occidental Petroleum (Oxy) since 1978 and is now responsible for its Bahrain operations. This remit includes heading Tatweer Petroleum, in which Oxy is a shareholder. Tatweer Petroleum is responsible for the upstream operations of the Bahrain Field. This includes the Bahrain Redevelopment Project, which involves drilling new wells and implementing enhanced oil recovery techniques at the field. Hanley has had a varied career at Oxy, working in several locations. He started his career in the US at the Elk Hills oil field and became the business team leader of Oxy’s southern region operations in the US, as well as the reservoir engineering manager for the US Gulf coast region. Hanley then moved to the Middle East as vice-president of operations in a Qatari firm. He has a doctorate in engineering from Purdue University in the US.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 714 8000

Abdulrahman Jawahery

Position: President, Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC)

Biography: Abdulrahman Jawahery is a chartered engineer and has worked his way up through GPIC since joining the firm as an engineer in 1983. GPIC produces a combined 1.4 million tonnes a year of urea, ammonia and methanol using locally sourced gas. Established in 1979, it is one of the region’s oldest chemicals companies. Jawahery worked as a project engineer until 1988. Between 1989 and 2004, he managed GPIC’s operations, urea projects and plants operations. In 2005, Jawahery was appointed general manager, becoming president in early 2011. In addition to his duties for GPIC, he is a board member for Bapco and Noga, and is Bahrain’s representative for the industry body, the Gulf Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association. Jawahery is also a member of the country’s Shura Council (Consultative Council). He has a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 773 1777

Ahmed al-Sharyan

Position: Secretary-general, Noga

Biography: Ahmed al-Sharyan has been in his current role since 1995 and has established himself as a valued member of the senior tier of management in Bahrain’s oil and gas industry. At Noga, he is responsible for developing and implementing strategic initiatives that are focused on hydrocarbons production and imports. Al-Sharyan worked in two academic roles before assuming his current position. He headed the economic and social studies department at Bahrain’s Arabian Gulf University between 1990 and 1994, before spending a year as an adviser to the country’s Labour & Social Affairs Ministry. Al-Sharyan is a member of several boards including GPIC and Libya-based Arab Petroleum Services Company. He has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Alexandria University in Egypt, as well as a master’s and a doctorate degree in industrial sociology from Exeter University in the UK.

Contact Tel: (+973) 1 731 2644