Bahrain’s Works Ministry has begun reviewing offers from six consultancies for the contract to update its transport model and prepare a strategic transport masterplan.

The companies that submitted an offer are:

  • Dar al-Handasah (Lebanon)
  • Egis International (France)
  • KEO International Consultants (UAE)
  • Hyder Consulting (UK)
  • Mott MacDonald (UK)
  • Systra (France)

The technical offers were opened on 18 August.

Bahrain’s capital Manama has one of the most congested roads in the GCC despite having a population of just 1.3 million. It has about 500,000 registered cars, which has been growing at an average of 11 per cent annually.

In response to these challenges, the government earlier announced three major rail schemes. Two of these, the King Fahd Causeway rail link and the Qatar-Bahrain Causeway, are aimed at improving transport links between the island and the kingdom’s immediate neighbours. The third, an ambitious light rail transit (LRT) and monorail network, is focused on improving transport links within the country.

Some progress is being made on the King Fahd Causeway link and the LRT scheme, while the Qatar-Bahrain Causeway is still under review.

Bahrain’s light rail project will be integrated into the state’s bus network, which was rolled out in July 2015.