Bahrain is set to float a consultancy tender for its planned light rail project this week.

The consultancy will carry out a study to identify the best light rail technology, whether a metro or a tramway, for the project, Bahrain Transport Minister Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed tells MEED.

In addition to identifying the light rail technology, the study will also identify the minimum specifications and procurement method.

Mohammed said the study would most likely take one year, which will be followed by the procurement phase where the private sector is likely to be involved.

The study is understood to include looking into issues such as land allocation, due to the high level of congestion in Bahrain’s main city Manama.

Bahrain’s light rail project will be integrated into the state’s bus network, which was rolled out in July 2015.

Kamal said his ministry continues to work closely with Saudi Arabia in undertaking the required studies for the Hamad Causeway rail link, which will eventually comprise its link to the planned GCC Rail network.