Entrant: Omran
Project owner: Omran
Project contractor: Al-Hajiry Trading Company
Engineering consultant: Cowi
Architect: Cowi

Description: Omran has constructed an onsite Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) at the 9000-square-metre Duqm Crowne Plaza, which is yet to be launched. The STP will reduce seawater pollution, reuse available water resources and minimise the impact on the environment.

The treated water produced by the plant is used for all irrigation purposes and toilet-flushing, producing 316,000 litres of treated water a day. Its irrigation storage tank has a capacity of 300,000 litres.

Using efficient water fixtures, the STP has decreased onsite water demand by 35 per cent, and has contributed to minimising disruption to Duqm’s complex and fragile ecosystem. Originally a fishing village, today Duqm is fast emerging as the largest industrial hub in the entire region.