Hassan Ghalibaf Asl

Company: Tehran Stock Exchange
Postition: Managing director

Biography: Hassan Ghalibaf Asl was appointed managing director of the Tehran Stock Exchange in November 2008. Prior to this, Asl was managing director of local investment management company Omid from 2006-08.

He also served on the firm’s board. Between 2003-05, Asl was a board member and managing director of Iran Investment Company. Asl has considerable experience in the investment sector, having worked in foreign credit and export between 1996-1999.

He obtained a doctorate in management finance from Tehran University in 2002. Under Asl’s leadership, the Tehran Stock Exchange’s main index grew by 55 per cent between June 2009 and June 2010.

Today, the exchange’s market capitalisation is more than $70bn and it has 330 listed firms. In July, the index hit its record high of 14,987, despite international sanctions against the Islamic republic.

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