Kuwait and Japan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to cooperate on the development of Kuwait’s nuclear power programme.

Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI) met with Kuwait’s National Nuclear Energy Committee (KNNEC) to sign the agreement. The agreement has a duration of five years, which could be extended with the consent of both countries.

The pact covers the preparation, planning and promotion of nuclear power development and ensuring that nuclear non-proliferation standards are met. The countries will also cooperate in the training and human resource management needed for Kuwait to fulfil its atomic energy ambitions.

According to state news agency Kuna, Kuwait’s signatory to the agreement, Dr Ahmad Bishara, the country is considering the development of four nuclear power plants with a capacity of 1,000MW each. Bishara has been quoted as saying that there will be a formal plan for the scheme issued in January 2011.

Kuwait has previously signed cooperation agreements with several other states. It signed a pact with the US in June and with France in January.