Libya’s General National Congress (GNC) has issued a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur after the premier’s controversial attempt to form a new government.

The vote came despite Abushagur naming 10 news appointees for his new cabinet, following the rejection of his initial cabinet named on 3 October, Reuters news agency reports.

Shagur was forced to withdraw the first set of names after protests by various factions and regions claiming the new government did not fairly represent them. More than 100 protestors stormed the GNC building in Tripoli on 4 October.

The 200-seat GNC will now have to select a new prime minister and go through the process of forming a government again, having only elected Abushagur as premier on 12 September.

Abushagur’s nominations include Mabrouk Issa Abu Harroura, a former employee of Libya’s Zueitina Oil Company, to lead the Oil Ministry. The incumbent, Abdulrahman Ben Yezza, a former executive of Italy’s Eni in Libya had been expected to remain in the post.