National Engineering Services Pakistan and Partners (Nespak) has won a contract to design the road network and infrastructure of a new township planned by the Omani government as part of the special economic zone under development at Duqm.

As consultants for phase 1 of the town’s road network and infrastructure works, Nespak will design a network of city roads, common corridors for utilities and drainage systems, electrical distribution networks, potable water distribution networks and sewerage and irrigation systems. About 205 kilometres of single and dual carriageways will be designed and built as part of the phase 1 development of the town.

Conceived as all-weather roads, the network will be designed along with all necessary drainage structures, including the provision of culverts and wadi bridges. The final design will also make provision for oil and gas pipelines, rail tracks, and other utility lines crisscrossing the areas under study. Special Economic Zone Authority Duqm (Sezad) has stipulated a 30-month time frame for the completion of the phase 1 package. It comprises six months for the design phase and 24 months for the construction supervision phase.